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Brick Roofing 101: How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

A home with great curb appeal is worth more than a less attractive house. The right colors and overall look “frame” the house like a picture. A roof is up to 50% of your home’s visible exterior, so the right color makes a big difference in how people perceive the house.

Choosing a complimentary roof color is a good way to highlight your exterior.  When you have a painted exterior, it’s easy to find a coordinating color. But natural materials like wood shingles or stone can be a little more difficult.

Read on the learn how to choose a roof color for a brick house.

Create Visual Harmony

One way to create a harmonizing design for your home is to look at the exterior colors together. Your exterior wall colors should contrast with the trim around your doors and windows. However, your roof color should complement the wall color to create the look of a larger home.

How to choose a roof color for a brick house is more than a matter of style. A light or dark color is an energy efficiency decision too. In warm weather climates, a light color reflects heat. Snowy climates choose darker roofs to use solar gain to their advantage.

How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

Consider the tones of your exposed exterior walls and trim. Red brick and siding color combinations vary. Depending on the look you want you may choose metal, slate or even solar shingles, each with their own color options.

The most budget-friendly and common choice in the U.S. is a composite shingle roof.  The wide variety of colors available allow you to design for both classic and modern looks. The rule of thumb is to select a roof in the same “tone” (warm or cool) as your brick finish.

A brick with a yellow-pink hue looks better with warm gray tones, possibly browns. A dark blue-black shingle sets off the rich purple-red of aged brick. Your roof can last 15 years (asphalt shingles) to a lifetime (copper or slate) so make sure you choose a color you love.

Ready to Begin?

A certified, experienced roofer like the experts at My Denver Roofers can design and install a roof worthy of a lifetime for your home.  How to choose a roof color for a brick house is only the first step.  The visual impact and beauty of your roof are important to maximize curb appeal.

Choose your roof materials with energy efficiency, lifespan, and budget in mind. Colorado’s climate can throw some tough challenges at any choice. We can help you make your home ready to take on whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Contact our team at My Denver Roofers to find the perfect roof for your castle.  Call us today!


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