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5 Common Roofing Fails

5 Common Roofing Fails

Your roof is one of your home’s most essential pieces. Not only does it make your house more energy-efficient, but it also keeps your family safe and dry.

Roofs in Denver get a lot of wear and tear. When your roof isn’t maintained, you’re bound to experience some roofing fails. From trying to do a project yourself to ignoring a leak, this guide has some roofing mistakes to avoid.

Here’s everything you need to know about DIY roofing fails and other costly pitfalls.

1. DIY Roofing

While you may be able to paint a room yourself, trying DIY roof repairs isn’t something that’s recommended. You likely don’t have the proper equipment to access and repair your roof safely.

Once you’re up there, if you aren’t trained, it can also be hard to determine what the best course of action is.

2. Patching Your Roof

If you see broken or missing shingles, a roof patch can often fix the problem. A common mistake, however, is to try and patch a roof that’s actually better off being replaced.

Let’s say your roof is over 20 years old. A couple of patches can’t fix an old age.

Often times they will only get you so far. You will have to replace your roof at some point and patching it might cost you more money in the end.

3. Using the Wrong Shingles

Replacing broken shingles isn’t as easy as you think. Grabbing shingles at a hardware store can sometimes work, but you may not use the correct ones.

It can be hard to know exactly which shingles you have and what’s broken. In some situations, the layer underneath your shingle is also compromised.

This is where using the wrong shingles can leave your roof exposed to the elements. It can also make your house less-energy efficient. According to the FTC, more than half of your utility bill goes towards your heating and cooling costs. 

4. Ignoring the Problem

If you notice signs of water leakage or damage, it could be coming from your roof. Ignoring the water leak is not only causing damage to your attic and ceiling but it can also lead to bigger problems.

When you see damaged shingles, missing pieces or even moss growing on your roof don’t ignore it. While not all of these are emergencies, if you don’t properly maintain your roof or have it inspected, it could cost you in the long run. 

5. Not Getting Your Roof Checked

As a homeowner, you should regularly maintain your roof and have a professional inspect it. If you just bought your home and you aren’t sure when it was replaced, give a roofing specialist a call. 

Having your roof looked at regularly will help make sure everything is in working order. According to Good Housekeeping there are some clear signs that your roof needs to be looked at. 

Call a Professional to Avoid Roofing Fails

To avoid common roofing fails, the key is preventative care. Keeping up with regular roof inspections and keeping your roof clean will help your roof last for decades.

Although you may think you’re saving money by fixing a roof yourself, you might end up spending more over time. Making repairs the wrong way can cause further damage.

If you’re ready to have a professional inspect your roof, fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a local roofing expert. 


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