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Want to stay cool this summer? Check your roof

Want to stay cool this summer? Check your roof

Summer’s heating up across the country, and the Denver area’s no exception. At My Denver Roofers, we’re committed to providing quality roof products that can stand the tests of time and the elements.

Denver’s high temperatures and dry mile-high air are the perfect combination for a roof to crack or curl. This risk runs even higher if your home’s roof faces broad-side toward the South or the West. To avoid leaks and costly damage, our team can perform a quick inspection to identify any heat-related damage to your roof. We’re also happy to recommend any repairs, coating, or sealing needed to restore it to peak functionality.

Something many homeowners don’t think of is that a quality roof can also keep heat out of a home’s upper floors. If your home seems warmer than usual without any apparent cause (like a week of extreme temperatures), most minds go straight to air conditioning system failures or airflow problems in a home. If a roof is damaged, whether it’ from heat, other types of extreme weather, or general wear and tear, more heat naturally sneaks into homes, leading to discomfort for you and your family.

What’s more, heat that accumulates in your home can further damage your roof and shingles without proper ventilation. These are problems that, with consistent roof inspections and vigilance, can be avoided!

Aside from those hot Colorado summer days are those afternoon summer thunderstorms — and, believe it or not, they can also prematurely damage your roof over time! Regular roof inspections can help you find the weak spots in your roof that are prone to water damage and leaks. Oftentimes, a lingering crack or broken shingle can cause water to pool and accumulate, causing those pesky leaks in your home.

To combat this, homeowners may be interested in waterproof layers installed on their roof to extend its lifespan even further. Just like the weather east of the Rocky Mountains, it’s hard to predict when leaks and cracks will happen.

Of course, if a certified, experienced contractor like our experts at My Denver Roofers designed and installed your roof, it’ll be able to tough out our state’s moody temperature swings and seasonal weather patterns. We can assure that, under our roofs, your home is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature has in store. And we’ll also be there when you need us throughout the life of every shingle.

If you have questions or concerns about your roof, don’t hesitate to contact our team at My Denver Roofers.  Call today!


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  • Braden Bills
    July 5, 2018, 2:51 pm REPLY

    I want to make sure that my summer is comfortable. It makes sense that having my roof checked up on would be important. That way I can ensure that there aren’t any problems with it.

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