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Why You Need a Roof Inspection Before Buying a Home

Why You Need a Roof Inspection Before Buying a Home

In July 2019 alone, 635,000 new homes got sold in the U.S. But whether your home is a new build or lovingly used, you should always get a roof inspection before you buy.

While it’s tempting to think that new homes don’t need a roof inspection, just because a home is new doesn’t mean it has the best roofing. An inspection can alert you to possible future issues. And if you’re buying a pre-owned home, roof inspectors can let you know just how worn the roof really is.

Not yet sold on the merits of a roof inspection? Here are some of the top reasons you should invest in one before you buy.

Stop Leaks Before They Happen

If your roof starts leaking, you can rack up thousands of dollars in damage before you realize it.

Leaks don’t always happen in highly-trafficked parts of the home. A leak hidden in a corner where you don’t see it right away can wreak havoc.

And leaks don’t just damage the roof and ceiling. They can damage the inside of your home, including furniture and keepsakes that you can never replace.

If you get an inspection, your roof inspectors will pinpoint potential leaks before they start. This can save you from irreversible future damage.

Check for Workmanship Errors

Even in a brand-new roof, the workmanship may not be the best. If the people who installed the roof made mistakes, your roof inspectors will know.

For example, some parts of the roof may not have been installed correctly. If the roof was made improperly, you could face future damage unless you get the issues fixed now. But if you don’t know about those errors, you can never fix them.

Find Signs of Aging

On the other hand, your roof may not be new at all. In an old roof, there can still be workmanship errors, but your inspectors are also more likely to find signs of aging.

Roofs naturally experience aging and weathering. However, it’s important to get a roof inspected to find the extent of the aging. Your roof might need maintenance now so the wear and tear don’t develop into serious issues.

Inspect the Interior

Sometimes, signs of damage won’t show up on the outside of the home. Your roof inspection will also include a visit to the attic to check the interior.

Mold, moss, leaks, and other problems often show up here, rather than at the top of the roof. You might think signs of damage would be more obvious, but professional roof inspectors will know where to actually look for it. They’ll check all the corners of your new home that you wouldn’t think to look at.

Ready to Schedule a Roof Inspection?

You wouldn’t buy a car without getting it checked by a mechanic, would you?

A roof inspection plays a very similar role. While the rest of the home should get inspected, too, your roof is key to keeping your home functional and safe. Don’t buy a home until you know you’re putting a reliable roof over your head.

If you need roof inspectors in Denver, contact us now. Our free inspections will help give you peace of mind as you buy your new home.


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