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Are you unsure about the life of your roof? Do you feel confused about the decision of replacing your roof? Well, not anymore. This guide will help you understand the factors that determine the life of a roof. If you’re not satisfied with any of these, we recommend that you get your roofing replaced!
The first and most obvious factor is age. Roofs most usually come with a twenty year warranty. If your roof is very old (more than two decades old), you should think about getting it replaced as soon as possible
Curling Shingles:
There are two ways in which the shingles of your roof can curl. The first is cupping. Cupping is when the shingles of your roof turn upwards. The second is clawing, this is when the edges of the roof stay flat but the middle part of it starts to rise. Both of these are signs of a deteriorating roof.

The granules are falling off:
When you’ve got a brand new roof, granules are a sign of the extra, loose ones popping out. However, when your roof is almost a decade old and there are granules in your gutter, these are bad signs. The granules help keep the heat of the sun away from the asphalt but once they fall off, the roof will start degenerate very quickly.
Algae or moss is forming on the shingles:
This is not a reason to panic! Yes, it does not look good for the overall appearance of the house, but it does not mean that your roof is falling apart. However, most new shingles are now algae-resistant so you won’t be facing the problem if you do change your roofing. The bottom-line here is: Algae and moss on the roof is not a sign of danger, but it looks ugly and this is the only reason why you might want to get your roof changed.

Sunlight from your attic:
Another obvious but important sign that indicates that it’s time to bring a change. If sunlight is getting into your house through your attic right now, it won’t be pretty when it starts to rain or snow. Therefore, it is recommended that you get your roof changed immediately!
The exterior paint is peeling, bubbling, or staining:
A leaking roof can deteriorate the paint on the exterior of the roof. This leak may not be apparent at first but the peeling, bubbling, or staining of paint is a vital sign of this. This is yet another urgent sign that your roof needs a change.

If it is time to replace your roof, give Denver Roofers a call for a FREE estimate today!


8 Signs It’s Time for Roof Replacement



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